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Habitation Checks

Habitation Checks

You want your Motorhome to be ready for your next adventure whenever you are, so the importance of a regular habitation check is something you should value throughout your period of ownership. 

If the Motorhome is new, then the service will be a necessary step in maintaining the validity of your warranty (and many if the issues that are most likely to arise at this stage will be covered under your warranty). But an annual motorhome habitation check remains vital for a number of reasons, regardless of the age of your vehicle, including:
•    Safety – it helps protect your family and loved ones
•    Performance – it helps catch a problem early, to enable a quick fix and prevent a costly repair
•    Resale value - a history of regular habitation checks and maintenance will enhance the value and saleability of your motorhome at a future date. 

Most importantly, the habitation check inspects the living areas of your motorhome for safety and operational performance. 

What does the check cover?

We conduct more than 85 individual checks on everything from the chassis to your vehicle’s locks, catches, stays and seals; and will also test your motorhome’s electrical, water and ventilation systems, as well as fire safety and a damp test.

We will thoroughly check the living area of your motorhome and to conduct your habitation inspection our experienced service engineers use a range of approved equipment. This helps to ensure there is no accidental damage caused to the vehicle by less experienced hands, when trying to find the root of an issue. 

At the end of the inspection you will be presented with a Gas Safe installation certificate, electrical testing certificate and damp readings.

How is it done?

The habitation check is much more than a visual inspection and cannot be replicated by a simple home inspection, even by an experienced mechanic. It requires specialist equipmment.

Electrical checks involve a loop check on sockets, which sends a signal down to verify that it is wired correctly. A residual current device (RCD) check involves making sure the RCD trips within a set time. In addition, the miniature circuit breakers are checked to ensure that they are correct for the appliances in the vehicle.

Gas checks use a manometer to check for leaks and the flame-failure device should cut in, meaning the test has been passed.

The annual habitation inspection is regarded as an essential process by almost all Motorhome owners: in fact, so much so, that many buyers won’t take on a second hand motorhome if it doesn’t come with a complete service history that records this annual inspection. 

So this yearly routine becomes an investment not only in your own adventures, but also protects the future resale value of your Motorhome. It just makes sense.

Please note that a Habitation Service does not include servicing of the base vehicle and road legal requirements. We do, however, undertake all motorhome servicing and MOT work, so ask us for a competitive quote.