Experienced Damp Repair & Motorhome Specialists

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Experienced Damp Repair & Motorhome Specialists

Experienced Damp Repair & Motorhome Specialists

A Motorhome Means Adventure

The opportunity to go where your heart desires, knowing you have all the things you need and want travelling with you. 

It’s independence, opportunity and excitement rolled into one mobile travelling companion.

That is, if you maintain your motorhome.

Just like your main residence, a motorhome needs regular maintenance to keep it in top condition and ensure it is ready for the road whenever you are.

At Motorhome Damp Repair we are the specialists in maintaining your vehicle, so that you can maintain the freedom you value most of all: the freedom to travel safely.

Regular maintenance, with annual habitation checks and damp repairs when and if needed, will protect your warranty and the investment you’ve made in your motorhome. It will also save you money over your period of ownership, as any repairs necessary, which are spotted as part of a regular maintenance programme, will always be cheaper to deal with than a seemingly small problem that is left unresolved over a long journey or a hard winter. 

You wouldn’t head off without checking your fuel tank or the air pressure in your tyres, so don’t be tempted to put off a habitation check or any work to repair damp.

Our team is highly experienced, and specialise in maintaining all types of motorhomes and camper vans.


Habitation Checks


An annual habitation check will assess the safety and operational performance of the living area of your motorhome. It is important for a number of reasons, regardless of the age of your vehicle:
•    Safety – it helps protect your family and loved ones
•    Performance – it helps catch a problem early, to enable a quick fix and prevent a costly repair
•    Resale value - a history of regular habitation checks and maintenance will enhance the value and saleability of your motorhome at a future date. 

As part of your habitation check we will also conduct a damp assessment, helping to spot any potential issues before they become a problem: from worn seals around windows, to cracks or gaps that will allow water to enter.





If you are aware of a problem with dampness in your motorhome then come and see us straight away. To identify the root of any problem can involve having to remove interior panels and our experienced team will investigate thoroughly, methodically, but painstakingly to avoid any damage to the vehicle from trying to access or remove something in the wrong way, which the inexperienced person might cause if trying to investigate a problem at home.





When you are in seeing us, do browse our range of accessories, which can be supplied and fitted to enhance your vehicle and your experience when travelling. We stock a wide range of items for many makes and models and can order rand fit items not held in our regular range. Everything from canopies, to solar panels, reversing systems, cycle racks, electrical items and security items – our accessories will help you to make the most of your experience, wherever you plan to make your next journey.

Our aim is always to keep you on the road, safe and happy.